Altar Guild Information

    Altar Paraments

    • Change altar paraments when neede. There is a calendar in the working sacristy to show when to change the paraments to another color. Follow the list provided by Pastor Koepp. If in doubt, check with the pastor. Red paraments are also used for Confirmation or new pastor installation. Paraments are hung in the long cupboard in the working sacristy. There is another white altar cloth to be used in case the one on the altar is soiled. If it is changed let me know so I can clean it. It's located on top of the tall cabinet on the south wall in a labeled box.

    Communion Linens

    • Marian Naab or Marilyn Schmidt will wash the Communion Linens that are soiled. Leave them on the counter for one of them to pick up.

    Communion Vessels

    • The Communion ware is located in the locked cabinet on the right side of the sink. You should have received the information on the location of the key, questions please ask Marilyn Schmidt. Please lock up the Communion ware each time it is put back after cleaning. The wooden box for disposable cups is put on top of the fridge after cleaning it up. Remember to place a paper towel in the bottom to soak up any spills when it is put out. All unused wine from the chalice and individual cups should be poured on the ground (not on the stones or rocks as it stains the rocks). Please wash the communion ware thoroughly including filler bottle with hot soapy water. The communion ware should be placed inside the special bags (untied) and placed in the cupboard and relock the cabinet. The regular wafers are returned to the container in the fridge. The gluten free must be kept from the regular wafers and packaged separately.


    • The banner list is located on the bulletin board. The list of appropriate banners is listed with the season of the church year. The Communion banner is used on the 1st and 3rd Sunday of the month. Other services that are used are Maundy Thursday and New Year's Eve service. The Baptismal banner needs to have the name (first & middle) placed on the banner at the bottom before being hung. The letters are located in the second drawer to the left of the sink. There is also double sided tape in this drawer to use on the letters. The wedding banner also has letters for the names to be put on before it is hung. These banners are placed on the left side above the baptismal fount. Please check with the pastor or elders if there are baptisms or weddings for the month. The banners are located in the banner cabinets located in the large classroom upstairs. Seasonal wreaths lay on top of the cabinet or are hung upstairs in the attic. There are extra poles and braid for the banners located in the cabinets.


    • Take care of the flowers and plants. Make an effort to see that there are flowers on the altar. Do NOT use artificial plants on the altar. Flowers are placed on the ledge next to the cross or they may be placed on stands beside the altar. The handrails need to be accessible on communion Sunday so keep that area clear when placing flowers.

    • Please do not leave flowers in the liners of the gold flower vessels. If there are lots of flowers, please use the kitchen refrigerator to store them. Plants need to be kept on the counter when not on the altar to keep the leaves and blooms off the altar. Please use the plastic drip plates under the plants when putting them out. Keep the plants watered when it is your month to serve.

    • If a baptism is scheduled, keep the baptismal fount clear of flowers.

    • Flowers should not cover the crucifix, they should not be placed behind the crucifix.

    • Flowers should not be used during Lent on the altar.

    • Only cut flowers or plants can be used. If you don't have flowers yourself during spring, summer or fall, there are usually others in the congregation that may be willing to donate them. Please keep the plants in front of the windows after the church service - they need sun.

    • Thank You notes should be sent to people who send flowers from outside the congregation.

    • Please wipe out the refrigerator when you see it is dirty. We have a broom and dust pan now to keep the floors swept in the working sacristy.


    • The Altar Guild is responsible for setting up the following candles:
      • The Christ Candle is set up before the Christmas Eve Service (December 24th) and is taken down before Epiphany starts (January 6th). The paraments are white for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. The circle wood piece is put over the candle holders and the white parament cloth is put over to cover. It is green on the other side to be used on the second Sunday of Epiphany. The Christmas greens with poinsettias are used on the white cloth. The cloth is kept in the parament cabinet in the working sacristy. The Christ candle is the large white candle with the red emblem. The round holder is taken to the attic and put in the wooden box. The candles are put in the holder in the cabinet beside the fridge. The stand can remain in the working sacristy as it is put out again on Holy Saturday.

      • The Paschal candle is set up from Holy Saturday (April 19th) to after Ascension Day (May 29th). The stand are then removed from the altar area and put in storage in the sacristy. The candle is put in the cupboard beside the fridge in a holder. Check with Marilyn if you have questions about where to put it.

      • The Advent candles are set for the first Sunday in Advent to Christmas Eve. The Advent candles are 3 purple, 1 pink, and the large white candle with the red emblem. The purple candles go in slots 1, 2, 4 and the pink candle in slot 3 and the large white candle in the middle. This is the order that they are lit. The Christ candle is the only candle remaining for Christmas Eve so the rest are removed for this service.

      • The holder for these candles is in the cabinet next to the fridge in the working sacristy. They need to remain upright as they hold oil. The janitor is responsible for filling them. The large ring that hold the candles is stored in a wood box located in the attic along with the circle of wood piece used for the Christ candle.

      • The wedding candle is located in the wood box in the attic. It has slots for 3 candles.

    Church Year

    • January - the manger scene is put away and Christmas wreaths and window decorations come down. There are also wreaths in the parish hall and table decorations that need to be put away. This is done before the 1st Sunday of Epiphany which falls on January 12th.

    • February - Lent begins on March 5th. No flowers are used during Lent on the altar. They may be used in front of the Lectern or Pulpit only.

    • March - A request is put out in the bulletin for Easter lilies or other seasonal flowers for Easter about the 1st Sunday in March. A list is started in the working sacristy for whoever donated a plant so the list can be put in the bulletin. The crosses decorated with flowers are hung elsewhere in the church. The purple cloth is now used to drape the processional cross and purple paraments are used.

    • April - The tomb and stone cover prop is set out along with flowers for Easter Sunday. It may stay up for several weeks or check with pastor.

    • Maundy Thursday - Strip the altar during reading of Psalm 22.

    • Good Friday - the cross made from tree branches is located in the attic. It is put out for this service. A black cloth is draped over this. A small black cloth is placed on the crucifix, on the altar. These cloths are located in the kitchen drawer. The black cloths are left for Friday service.

    • Holy Saturday (April 19th) - Will also be Confirmation service at 7pm. The color of the cloths on the cross, crucifix and processional cross change to white. Candles are put back in the chancel. A small table is placed on the south side of the chancel for communion vessels. A white table cloth should cover this.

    • Easter - The cloths and paraments remain white for Easter. The Easter lilies and other seasonal flowers are put out for this service. The Paschal candle is set up from Holy Saturday to Ascension Day which falls on May 29th this year. The cross wreaths are also put elsewhere in the church for Easter service.

    • Confirmation Saturday (April 19th) - flowers are purchased by the confirmands families for the altar. If they don't have flowers we use the Easter lilies on the altar. There is a banner for confirmation to be hung.

    • April - Take the Easter Cross down. Continue to put the Easter flowers out and remove as soon as they look bad.

    • May - the summer wreaths can be put elsewhere in the church to replace the crosses. Remove the Paschal candle after May 29th.

    • June, July and August - Seasonal flowers are used. Summer services begin in June.

    • September - fall wreaths may be put out elsewhere in the church to replaced the summer wreaths.

    • October - Continue putting out flowers for fall. Other seasonal decorations are put on parish hall tables this month and other arrangements are put out on small table in church or in corners of the back of the church.

    • November - Harvest Festival - the altar is decorated with the horn of plenty and all other fall vegetables, leaves, plants, etc. Please place a plastic under the arrangement in case of spoilage of the vegetables. It can stay up through November and it is removed by the first Sunday in Advent which falls on November 20. Change altar cloths to blue on November 30th.

    • December - Keep altar cloths blue for Advent and then change to white for Christmas Eve. The Advent wreath is removed. The circle piece of wood is placed over the Advent circle and the hite circle cloth is placed over the top. The Christ candle is put in the middle. The Christmas tree is put up by volunteers.

    • Advent and Christmas - Poinsettias are requested and a list of plants and donors is started. This list is printed in the bulletin. Before the first Sunday in Advent, the Altar Guild puts up the nativity set over a gold tablecloth. The nativity set is located in the attic and the tablecloth is in the tablecloth drawer in the kitchen. Poinsettias are placed on stands. Christmas Eve service by the children will take up space so we can check with the director for where the flowers may be placed. A group of volunteers will put up the tree beginning with Advent. They also put up the large Advent banner for us on the balcony. The remaining 2 wreaths for Christmas are put in the parish hall. The Christmas wreaths come down after Christmas. Christmas decorations for the windows are put up by volunteers. The volunteers will take down the Christmas decorations and we take the nativity set down and carefully wrap all the pieces for storage. This is done by the first Sunday of Epiphany.

    • The banner list has the seasons of the church year and lists the banners that are used for those Sundays. When new banners are added, they will be placed under the appropriate season.